I started couponing about 9 months or so ago. I quickly hit a snag with all of the other things that I had going on at the time (see previous post). Well, I have decided that I need to get back into it. I learned a LOT on my own by just doing my research and finding other blogs/websites that are all about couponing and reading a lot.

Well, I was recently lucky enough to meet Mrs. Lisa, who is an Extreme Couponer! She will be famous soon! =P

After much talk and MUCH work, I got Mrs. Lisa here to Leesville to teach a class on couponing!   We had a successful turnout and a great class! Well!!! Mrs. Lisa told us where she got her AH-MAZING coupon binder and of course, you know it, I went home and immediately ordered a binder and the inserts!

Guess what?! My binder came in today! I sat down and put ALL of my coupons in it (with my husband’s help – he finished clipping what I hadn’t finished clipping yet). I organized the binder into two seperate areas – food and non-food. I further organized those 2 areas into multiple other areas! Anywho! I love it!!! The photo above is a my brand new coupon binder!!

I got the binder from www.caseit.com and it is very sturdy, zips up all around, has an external pocket, a handle AND THE BEST PART – a strap!! Easy to carry and won’t spill any coupons out (unless I forget to zip it, which is quite possible!).

I must say that it was probably the best buy for my binder!!