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Healthy Tonite!

Tonight was a healthy night. I was at work today and got hungry so I had some veggies and ranch dressing. Really made me crave a salad. Then I realized that we hadn’t had chicken in a while so I decided to do make my chicken, rice and peas! With a salad! Oh it was scrumptous! The salad had lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers, celery, cheese and croutons! It was soooooooo good!!!! See for yourself!!


New Years Day Meal

So we all know that the classic New Years Day meal is black eyed peas, cabbage and corn bread. I don’t stray from this much and didn’t today. I started my black eyed peas in my brand new Crock Pot last night (Christmas present from my MIL). All I add to them is water, seasoning to taste and onions. Today, I made my cabbage and cornbread. I must say that the cabbage came out soooo delicious, and I only eat cabbage once a year.

This was my preperation


Cabbage, corn meal, butter sauteing in my brand new skillet (Christmas present from my husband), cabbage boiling and cabbage sauteing – yes, I did my cabbage both ways. I have only ever boiled cabbage so I wanted to try something new this year. Wait until you see it! Mmmm

Black eyed peas in the crock pot, corn meal in the pans ready to go into the oven, more cabbage sauteing and yes, I used Jiffy cornmeal – the only and the best!!! =)

And here is the finished products!! Yummmyyyyy!! The bottom left photo is my sauteed cabbage! OMG!! It was sooooo good. Here, let me show you a bigger picture.

Doesn’t that look just delicious to you??

How I made it:

Sauteed some butter in my skillet (love it!!)

Added my spices (salt, pepper, Tony’s, etc..)

Added my cabbage

Added some more spices

Sauteed the cabbage for a while

Added some onions and peppers and one special ingredient that my great-grandmother added to her cabbage to give it that extra taste. =)

MMM MMM MMM – it was sooo delish!!


So what did you have for your New Years Dinner? Do you have a special tradition that you celebrate for the New Year?



Peppered Pork Tenderloin

My husband’s stepfather’s mother (did ya catch that?) gave us a Peppered Pork Tenderloin for Christmas. It was pre-cooked so I only had to warm it up. Tonight was the first night that I have had any energy since Christmas night – I have been sick on my back for almost a week now. Ugh. So today I was able to get up and do some things today, one of them being cook dinner. So, I made the Peppered Pork Tenderloin, Mac N Cheese (not homemade) and Ranch Style Beans. Nothing great, but this is it.


Terrible photo, sorry! But guess what, I have the black eyed peas in the Crock Pot for tomorrow!!




Crazy or Not?!

Well, I guess that I think that I do not have enough to do already.

My professions:


I have my own Photography business with the following:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook Page

The Lazy Daisy Boutique

I have an online boutique with the following:

  • Website
  • Facebook Page

Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultant

I am a Thirty-One gifts Independent Consultant with the following:

  • Website (not maintained by myself)
  • Facebook Page
  • Admin of a Facebook group for fellow Thirty-One consultants

I am also one of the admins for a Facebook group for local businesses in my area. It is a lot to keep up with as to make sure that local businesses are not “competing” and are not trying to take business from one another. However, it has allowed me to meet a lot of new people in my area and make a lot of friends!

I am also a wife, mother to 14 dogs, daughter, and friend!

OH! On top of all of this above, I have a full time Monday-Friday job!!

So what is my point in telling the world all that I do? Well, here it is:

Nah, but if I do not post regularly, all of the above is why!

This blog is going to be all about my new interest – couponing and one of my favorite things to do – cooking!! I will post great coupon deals and freebies that I find along with some photos of things that I cook and bake and I will share some of my favorite recipes. I am on Pinterest and find LOTS of great recipes on there!

I hope that you enjoy this blog!!!


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