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What is Fred’s coupon policy?


A manufacturer’s coupon is a coupon for cents off, which customers obtain from newspapers, magazines, internet, direct mailings, etc. It is valid at any Fred’s store that carries the specific item featured on the coupon. Coupons that have been copied or reproduced will not be accepted. This includes black and white, as well as color copies. Coupons that offer “Free” products will be accepted. Buy one, get one free coupons are accepted.



1. Fred’s will only accept manufacturers’ coupons that feature items that we carry. (No competitors’ coupons are to be accepted.) The item featured on the coupon must be the exact item that we sell, or we do not accept the coupon. The item must be the same brand, style, flavor, scent, or size specified by the coupon.

2. All valid manufacturers’ coupons are accepted at face value at Fred’s everyday.

3. ON SATURDAYS ONLY Fred’s will double the face value of manufacturers’ coupons up to 70 cents. 70 cent coupons will be doubled. (ONLY 1 coupon per identical item is doubled; ONLY 1 identical coupon will be doubled per customer per Saturday.) For Example: A customer may purchase 4 tubes of Crest toothpaste; if they have more than one coupon for the toothpaste, the first coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value. If the customer wishes to purchase more than one flavor of an item and the coupon lists a variety of flavors, only one identical coupon will be doubled and the additional coupons will be taken at face value.

4. No money will be returned for coupons that exceed the price of the product.

5. Tobacco coupons cannot be doubled regardless of the face value of the coupon.

6. Coupons that are expired ARE NOT accepted. If the coupon is presented the DAY it expires, the coupon will be accepted